A Small Town America Veterans Day Ceremony Featuring Six WWII Vets

Murphys, CA…(Editor’s Note..We sent one of our reporters to cover a small town Veterans Day Ceremony. This one is from the rural Gold Rush town in Californis’s foothills) Yesterday the Ebbetts Pass Veterans Memorial District honored “Those Who Served”. The ceremony featured our local World War II Veterans. Their numbers are rapidly dropping as their battle against aging takes its toll. There were six WWII vets on hand including two who served as part of B17 crews in the skies over Europe. As one of the Veterans said “We had a job to do and we did it” simple, profound words that are emblematic of our Greatest Generation. Understated valor, competence and resolve that gave us the free world we live in today.

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Our local “Walking Man From Murphys” veteran Ric Ryan gave an update on his efforts for Operation Mend the helps wounded veterans. He has walked over 7,000 miles in this effort and raised 10s of thousands of dollars with what he and his wife have donated and also the generous donations from locals and local businesses. Autosmith in Hathaway Pines has gone above and beyond in their support of this cause and have donated thousands.

If you haven’t stopped by the Ebbetts Pass Veterans Memorial in Murphys it is one of our local venues not to be missed. Its centerpiece is a beautiful sculpture donated by the Kautz family. Its beautiful walls also contain over 1,000 bricks engraved with the names of local men and women who have served and honored their country by their service. The quality and scope of this Memorial is amazing especially for a small community such as Murphys.

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